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Meet Chyna T.

Chyna T., born and raised in Miami,FL, is a talented and passionate author who embarked on her writing journey during high school and has continued to hone her skills through college, now venturing into the exciting realm of screenwriting.


Fueled by her vivid imagination and desire to create her own worlds, Chyna T began crafting short stories and poems during her high school days. As Chyna T. transitioned into college, she pursued her passion by joining the FAMUan newspaper as a Staff Writer .  During her time in college, Chyna T also started the Social Work department newsletter and became editor in chief for a local magazine, Statis Magazine after college. 

Not only is Chyna T. an author and executive producer, but she is also a certified Coach specializing in life, health and small business, a certified FL Notary and Wedding Officiant, and a Speaker.

Now, Chyna T stands at the precipice of an exciting new chapter in her writing career with her conversion into an Executive Director and Screenwriter. With her talent, ambition, and love for the craft, Chyna T is ready to make her mark in the world of screenwriting and leave an indelible impression on audiences worldwide.

Chyna T.

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