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I began my career in changing lives back in 2005 after I graduated Florida A&M University with two bachelor degrees. In 2014, I graduated Liberty University with a Master in Human Services, and obtained my coaching certification in 2019. 

Initially, I obtained my coaching certification to heal the world one person at a time, but I soon found that folks did not identify with 'trauma' or 'healing' more than being a small business owner.  There was an increase in new businesses as the result of the pandemic, but an old problem soon emerged: proper formation and documentation.


Because my first business failed AND I experienced a battle with situational depression and won, I created Healing n building Central to combine healing with business building. That led to Building Business Bosses, a 4 week  program designed for new and established business owners to learn how to start, operate and grow their business with proven tools such as branding and targeted marketing. The first class was successfully completed and those business owners are now using the tools provided to grow their business.

On September 1, I switched my coaching discipline to Career Coaching to align with my current position, Recruiter. Business Coaching provided many roadblocks and high stress. 

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My mission is to assist qualified applicants with securing gainful employment that will compensate them based on their experience and skills.


I will provide a career review to access what skills stand out the most and locate positions that fit that niche.

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