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Bestselling Author of Every D-boy's Dream, 2015

Chyna T.

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Chyna T. is masterful at portraying Eria’s challenging involvements, whether they be with a new love, an ex, or unexpected, surprising dramas that affect her formerly staid forty-year-old life.

Its influential inspections of both themes (and more) makes Her Man, My Sneaky Link a highly recommended title for African American women’s literary and contemporary women’s fiction collections alike.

Donovan’s Literary Review, Midwest Literary Review


Her Man, My Sneaky Link is a dramatic tale of a group of old friends, torn apart by lies and schemes, trying desperately to build a life for themselves in spite of all these challenges. The scheming and conniving characters had me hooked, excited to see who came out on top, and enjoying the drama that just kept coming. The drama was never ending and the juicy interactions between lovers left me wanting more. Lessons of morality came through and showed us that while it is fine to scheme for what you want, there are boundaries you cannot cross if you hope to remain in favor in the end.

Rhys Miller

The cover of the book He Loved Me To Death and the title definitely drew me in. Domestic violence is an issue that is still almost larger than life. People sweep it under the rug when it needs to really be moved to the forefront of all the social issues going on in the world today.

. I recommend this book for any and everyone. It is something to be learned from this book.

Author Crystal ‘Ms Biggz’ Biggs

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