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Surgery Dolls

In the vibrant streets of Ocala, Florida, three women—Porsha, Maxine, and Justice—harbored an insatiable desire: to lead lives in the fast lane. Unfazed by the consequences or sacrifices, they yearned for wealth, high-speed cars, affluent companions, and a whirlwind existence adorned with designer attire, opulent footwear, exotic getaways, and the most coveted VIP booths in the city's pulsating nightclubs. Yet, their aspirations often outpaced their realities.


Fueled by an unyielding determination, they embarked on a journey of transformation, hoping that drastic measures could bridge the gap between their dreams and their lives. Little did they know, these daring choices would reveal a stark truth, teaching these women some life-altering lessons. After all, sometimes, the pursuit of one's desires can lead to unexpected and challenging roads.


Discover the compelling tales of these three women as they navigate the intricate web of desire, transformation, and the unrelenting quest for the life they've always craved.

Surgery Dolls

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$20.99Sale Price
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