You’re your best project; invest in it!

Here’s the hard truth:

Many of your favorite linked in and Tiktok creators’ resumes are outdated and lack growth.

Many of the hiring managers making the final decision on employment have outdated resumes that lack knowledge of the growing field they work in.

Much of the career advice that folks are giving isn’t good advice at all.

Yes, your resume should tailor each position you’re applying for.

Yes, your resume will be critiqued by sourcers who have no relevant experience in that field.

Yes, job searching is exhausting and tiresome.

But you can make it easy by having your resume reviewed and restructured. And yes, that requires investing in your growth.

If it was so easy to obtain employment with your current resume, why do you continue NOT receiving call backs for interviews? Why have you made a decision to transition from one career into another, but not one recruiter has contacted you via inmail?

If it wasn’t your resume, it’ll be your lack of interview skills that work against you.

It’s 2021; if your resume still looks like it did 5 years ago, you’re the cause of frustration in your job search.

Now, ask your favorite creators to Post their current resumes, and I bet on your entire salary that they wouldn’t know how to guide you into any position in this century.

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