You’re missing the bigger message!

If you keep focusing on the delivery and tone, you’ll continue missing the message.

Every tip or constructive criticism isn’t going to sound “nice” to someone who doesn’t want to Self evaluate or grow.

In my junior year of college, the Social Work department admin staff called me in for a round table review. All my professors and other staff sat around the table and each provided their honest opinion of my attitude.

I’ll admit: I felt attacked and I cried like a little girl, but everything they said was true. Those tears were from the guilt of knowing that I was displaying that arrogance that I was known for.

What happened after?

I initiated the changes immediately and graduated with Honors from that program.

I could’ve used the excuse of “y’all talking to me like a child” but why? They were talking to me like a child because I was acting like one. Noted!

Moral: I heard everything they said and made a promise to myself to change. I can’t remember their tone or delivery; I just remembered what they said! I heard the message loud and clear!

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