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Nothing is more exciting than to see all the spots the Branding challenge full.

Over a course of 5 days these 18 individuals will receive valuable information about branding their product based or service based business to help increase brand awareness. More brand Awareness brings more research. More research leads to more decisions to buy.

This challenge will start with exploring the brand voice and the brand‘s personality. On Day 2 will cover everything that encompasses the brand’s image such as logos, tagline, brand colors, and more. Day 3 dived into the brand’s targeted customer. Since there’s an understanding that everyone isn’t your customer, it’s the business owner’s responsibility to identify their customer.

A much needed advertising conversation will be the topic of day 4. Participants will learn about ad copies, Power words, and posting on social media. On the last day, Credit guru Ladaise Gibson will introduce business credit and how branding will make or break your business loan, grant application or investment request.

All recordings will be available for replay the next day for $2.99. If anyone missed this challenge, the next is already posted.

I look forward to making next week a great week.

Coach E

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