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I’m Erica Thomas Wynn, Entrepreneur Business coach who specializes in helping aspiring and already established business owners start their business correctly, grow their business correctly and find their target customer for consistent sales and conversions.

I do this through my signature Program, Building Business Bosses which is 4 weeks of Group coaching and mentoring in a virtual class setting tackling everything from business legalities to the launch or relaunch.

Initially I obtained my certification as a life coach to help heal the world but during the Pandemic, I saw in increase in new small businesses, which left many of their owners without proper documentation and records to apply for disaster funding or outside investments.

I took their concerns and questions and created the 2021 big small business planner which is a business building Guide and planner all in one. The planner is still a bestseller and I’m almost finished with the 2022 version. This will come complete with a Workbook unlike the 2021 version.

After realizing many business owners were unable to apply the Guide to their business, I created Building Business Bosses Group program to reach up to 10 aspiring or established business owners at one time! They’ve allowed me to recognize another problem:


These owners lack funds to initiate their side hustle into a full business, which leaves operating illegally and evading paying income taxes on the income they’ve already received.

The $10k grant will allow me to create $500 mini grants to business owners who cannot afford to purchase their virtual business address, LLC or any type of business branding such as logo, website with domain, business email address and social media digital card.

I’ve partnered with Tailor Brands, who will deliver a full start up Assistance including website and domain, for a low annual price of $132.50. That partnership will remove a huge burden off the shoulders of a new Entrepreneur who was experiencing issues with paying for a website, domain, logo, and business email address.

The $5k grant will be used to purchase a brand Awareness marketing campaign for Building Business Bosses. This campaign will target young business owners between 16 and 21 for 6 weeks of business mentorship. These young moguls will have full access to the Building Business Bosses, Program plus more one on one time to build their vision.

Building a business is hard work but I want small business owners to have a community where no question is stupid and all answers are authentic. The Quarterly grants will help my business flourish and provide a means before another small business ends!

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All winners will be announced by September!

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