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Unrequited Love: S/He’s just not into you

Updated: Nov 13, 2023




Some folks are programmed to think this way which leads to their refusal to accept that sometimes the heart isn't broken because the love wasn't returned; it was damaged because the person you wanted to love didn't want to love you back.

Let's define unrequited love: when you long for someone who doesn't share your sentiments.

In other words, you developed romantic feelings, created a sexual attraction, and fell into an intense desire to be close to someone, but they never expressed or acknowledged the same interest.


They just weren't into you no matter how much you did, how good the sex was or how much you were there for them. You just weren't in their heart like you allowed them to take over your heart.

Here are some common signs of an unrequited love:

  1. They don’t make the same effort to spend time together.

  2. They’re involved and happy with someone else. (Even if you have no knowledge)

  3. They don’t know you or have any interest in establishing a relationship.

  4. They refer to you as a friend only.

  5. They’re not nice to you.

You're under the impression that unrequited love can be reversed, that if you do more food them that one day, s/he will see your worth.

All you're about to enter is a zone that will be hard to get out of. It's called UNREQUITED LOVE for a reason: it doesn't end well for those who feel slighted or unloved.

Sometimes it can lead to stalking, threats, abuse and murder. This isn't the kind of outcome anyone would hope for.

If you’ve experienced unrequited love multiple times, you may want to explore the reasons behind your tendency to pursue unavailable partners. In pursuing folks that are unavailable emotionally and mentally, you're setting yourself up to be hurt every time. And all of this comes from an ATTACHMENT DISORDER that you never considered possessing.

That's where your healing should start: repairing that attachment issue that you've carried throughout life that has run people away.

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