Rushing takes away from your life

When you’re young and impressionable, you think what you see on TV is real life. You’re forced to believe that cheating is wrong, sex is leveraging and titles mean forever.

You can’t wait to live with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Can’t wait to birth children. Can’t wait To be legal to buy alcohol. Can’t wait until you move into your own place. Just rushing life based on TV, music videos and what you read in most urban books.

Have y’all realized that all of those things made you grow up too fast? Yeah. Literally. We’re so brainwashed to believe everything we see, but never questioned where it was learned.

I’m guilty too. I couldn’t wait to lose my virginity. Until the heartbreaks and the knowledge of being used started occurring.

Couldn’t wait to graduate college. Until the reality of low paying jobs settled in.

Couldn’t wait to live with a man. Until he showed me exactly what being a fool looked like.

Couldn’t wait to get married. Until you realized you’ve married the enemy. The only thing I waited to do: become a mother.

I simply refused to continue making childish mistakes while children watched me try to make it look easy. After seeing life in reality and not from rose colored lenses, I know alot of y’all wished y’all waited for many things.

Some of y’all are rushing to become millionaires, don’t even know if you’ll wake up tomorrow. Missing out on enjoying life because you can’t wait to die. That’s all it boils down to. The stress that comes with I CAN’T WAIT will put you in a grave before your time. I challenge you to start enjoying the process because now that I’m 40, I can’t wait to see my life when I’m 100. That’s my goal! Everything else can wait on me!

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