Rejection is redirection

Not every rejection is a means to beat yourself up.

Rejection is apart of life, and it should be embraced as much as possible. We‘re not going to always get what we want, but that could also mean that what we want wasn’t meant for us.

Rejection in friendships - friends outgrow each other everyday. It doesn’t mean the love was lost; it simply means that you’re traveling different paths and no longer align with one another to satisfy each other’s needs.

Rejection in romantic relationships - it doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. It simply means that your time is up. That wasn’t a lifelong connection; more so, seasonal. Once the season changes, the Union will too. There’s no need to elongate a relationship when a non sexual friendship can take its place.

Rejection in employment - this could mean 2 things:

  1. Your resume didn’t align to what the position required. When that happens, you’ll need to invest in a resume review or resume rewrite. Every job differs in duties, but if you’re submitting the same resume over and over, you’re not selling your skills to the employer as to why you’re the best fit for the job

  2. It just wasn’t meant for you. The Universe could have something better, something that pays more. You can’t think every job is your dream job when you don’t even know how toxic the work environment is.

Rejection in your finances - all you know is living paycheck to paycheck. You’ve been doing it so long that you can’t see how you’re tearing down your life and those around you. It’s time to stop making excuses and invest in your growth. It takes money to make money, and you can’t make money being stagnant in your life, your career or your business.

Every rejection is a way to find a better way. If you don’t see the silver lining then you’re in your own way.


Greatness doesn’t happen overnight nor is it free.

Coach Erica

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