One of those days

Today started fairly peaceful, but that changed after awhile. Never mind that…

When you lose contact with people you thought were your friend only to find out that however you felt about them, it wasn’t reciprocated.

That hurts worse than a man dogging you out. Then you find yourself questioning your own judgment, trying to figure out when that friend stopped really dealing with you like that.

Not to mention I realized that my husband lied about something that still means the world to me. I keep telling ppl: Love is not enough to sustain a marriage.

Tonight is my last day smoking. I’m trying to conceive and that’s going to take purging a lot, people included. I want to distract myself from anything that will keep me less peaceful. I’m also stopping the meat. I don’t eat pork or beef but the chicken and Turkey will have to go.

I gotta reshape my fertility because I’m not content until I’m a mom.

Excuse me… this is personal

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