Next time I won’t even flinch

I can’t believe how upset I’d get when someone didn’t pop into the Challenges to complete. Then it hit me: why am I upset because they don’t want to show up?

Then it all made sense. I want their success more than them, and that made me stop getting upset. I told Self, “Self, the people who needs it will show up. If they don’t need it then there’s no value. Not to mention it was FREE and some folks can’t find value in free.”

Point proved. As a business owner, we’re tasked with picking and choosing the right customers to work with. all the successful millionaires will tell you “if they’re not coachable, don’t waste anymore time.”

If folks find a hard time showing up to something that’ll help them, the help wasn’t needed so give it to those who do need it.

Small business owners know there aren’t enough FREE resources in this business so if you miss out on one then it’s missed. The next will require payment because that’s the world of business.

There’s one more day in the challenge! I have enjoyed speaking to those who tuned in and helping you all grow. I am putting together a presentation to email each of you. It’ll include everything that was discussed in the live.

the next challenge starts in a week and the price is $19.99 to join. Helping someone with a business plan costs $499. That’s A tedious tool and process to teach.

if you lack the funding needed for your business, join the challenge so you can create a business plan that leaves investors WOWED!

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