Money & Diamond's Saga

Pt. 1

2 years ago…

“Yo Money, let’s go. Carisma is on the way to the hospital, my G,” Bird shouted.

Money stopped mid conversation and turned his head to the left, confused at what he heard.

“Come again?” Money calmly said.

“My man’s, Bingo, just witnessed the ambs wheeling off from Carisma’s complex. We gotta move fast,” Bird explained.

Without a second thought, Money sped to his ride and hopped in. Bird snatched the passenger side door open and got in.

“On gawd, if that cat touched my sister again, I’m not holding back on my vicious, yo, and that’s my word,” Money spoke lowly.

He was doing his best to control his anger, but he partly felt responsible for everything. Two weeks ago, Carisma, his baby sister, called him crying and screaming in the phone.

She confessed that her dude, Digga, punched her in the eye and threw her against the wall after she found out he was cheating with his baby mama. Money wanted to kill dude that day, but his sister begged for his life. Money didn’t want to further upset his sister so he put it off.

As he drove the speed limit to the hospital, he regretted changing his mind. He pulled into the emergency room parking lot and quickly found a parking space. Once he parked and exited the vehicle, his feet expeditiously walked through the emergency department’s front door as he aggressively approached the front counter.

“Carisma Lexington. What room?”

Money asked.

The nurse looked up and smiled, but hastily changed to indifference once she noticed the worry on his face. She checked the roster list and searched for a name tag.

“She’s in room A250. Here’s your name badge and I hope everything works out,” the nurse spoke up.

Money took the name tag and made his way inside Emergency area. He pushed open the door and ran into someone.

“Damn,” a soft voice loudly spoke.

“My bad,” Money said without stopping.

His feet continued moving in search of his sister’s room.

“You could’ve said ‘excuse me’,” the voice shouted behind him before he turned the corner and disappeared.


Diamond kissed her mother goodbye and gave her salutation.

“Alright Ma, I’ll check you later. Let your coworkers know that I got all the nice name brand shit for the low.

Ms. Syrie looked at her daughter and laughed. “You know I will. Call me later. I get off at 11,” she followed.


Diamond turned her heels and began her stride to the exit. Her phone buzzed to indicate a text message popped in so she looked down to check it.

She burst into laughter after reading the text. It was her girl, Dior. “This Bitch is crazy!” she said to herself while replying.

Just as she grabbed the door handle, a forceful snatch yanked it open, almost causing her to fall face forward.

“Damn!” She spoke.

The man didn’t even look her way. “My bad,” he replied in a hurry.

Diamond jolted her head to get a better view of the person who dare try her. When her eyes finished sizing him up, her stance softened.

“You could’ve said ‘excuse me’,” she shouted, but her message fell onto deaf ears.

The man turned a corner and didn’t even look back.

“That’s fucking rude yo,” she mumbled then walked through the door.

Unphased by what happened, she kept it moving until she exited the hospital. She continued to text Díor as she located her car.

“Ayo, what’s good?” a deep voice bellowed through the evening chill.

Diamond looked up and noticed a dark skinned dude with a beard headed her way. Unbeknownst to who he was talking to, she turned to look behind her to make sure it wasn’t someone else.

“Ayo is for hood buggers. Don’t call after me like that,” she replied then unlocked her car.

“My bad, Ma. What’s your name?” the dude returned, not backing down.