Money and Diamond’s Saga: Pt 2

Diamond paced the living room back and forth. When she met Digga a year ago, everything seemed surreal. He was attentive, sweet and the definition of a hustler. What she didn’t find out until later that he was a cheater and womanizer.

She was to her last tear. Enough was enough. Not only did she dismissed his constant cheating, she also dealt with the small studio size apartment they lived in. Before him, her life was on go. From running out of stores to selling out in the hood, she never wanted for anything at any time.

Digga only added to the money train as he brought many customers to the business. It never crossed her mind that some of the chicks who purchased items were women he was fucking. When the first fallout occurred, Digga begged for her forgiveness and even put a promise ring on her left ring finger. He promised to remain faithful and never step out again.

That promise was met with dishonor as more evidence began to pop up. Then the ass whoopings started. Diamond went from being in love to hating the fact that she even ran into him at the hospital. Now, she was ready to walk away and never look back.

“What are you going to do?” her cousin, Rasheeda, yelled. “We need to get out of here before he comes back!”

Diamond stopped pacing and looked at her cousin. She knew it was time to cut her losses. As bad as she wished things would change, the only way to get Digga back for all the hurt and pain was to leave.

“Ok let me get my bag. He can keep everything else,” Diamond finally spoke.

The last thing she wanted to do was take anything from a place that she called hell. After gathering a few items, she laced up her D&G sneakers, grabbed her car keys and headed for the door. She was dead set on never coming back.

Once they reached the car, she looked around to make sure the coast was clear. She unlocked her car and both her and her cousin entered. It didn’t take long to pull out and get out of dodge.

“I’m glad you came to your senses. That dude would’ve killed you and nobody wouldn’t know,” Rasheeda spoke up.

Diamond didn’t have any rebuttal. The truth had a way to make you silent.

“Are you going to your moms?” Rasheeda interrupted her thoughts.

“Yeah, that’s the plan for now.”

“Aight. Drop me off in Queens at Don P place,” Rasheeda said.

Diamond just shook her head in agreement and drove. Fifteen minutes later, she turned unto Liberty Ave and pulled in front of an apartment building.

“Thanks, cousin. I couldn’t have done this without you,” Diamond finally spoke.

“I got you. I’ll get at you later, word,” Rasheeda said.


Once she exited the car, Diamond pulled off. Her mind was all over the place as she fought the urge to go back to the place she called home. She blinked away tears as she wondered what her life would be like with Digga.

Distracted by her thirst, she found a corner store on Jamaica Ave to buy a bottle water. She located a parking space in front of the store, parked and got out. Her cell phone began ringing and she looked at the caller ID.

It was Digga.

Her heart started beating faster as nervousness flushed over her. The phone caused a distraction that made her look down one second too long.

“Pay attention, ma,” a deep voice floated her way. “You might walk into a wall if you don’t look up.”

She immediately raised her head as she looked around to see who was talking to her. She noticed a tall, light skinned hood dude, and something about him was familiar.

“I got this. Thanks tho,” Diamond responded, intrigued.

“Oh yeah? Since you got it, let me get your number so we both get something out of this,” he boldly returned.

Diamond’s eyes fluttered.

“Check it, here’s a lil coin to grab whatever you need out of that bodega,” the unknown man stated as he reached in his pocket and pulled out a small knot.” I’m Money. That shit comes easy to a boss like me.”

Diamond extended her hand, thinking this was a joke, but loved his boldness. “That’s how Queens do it?”

Money smirked. “That’s how money does it. I can’t rap for the whole block, ya know what I mean?”

“7185553456,” Diamond said with a smile.

“Ooo she can smile. Finally, I thought your face was made of porcelain, Ma. Run that number once again,” Money instructed.

Diamond followed the directive with no rebuttal.

“Answer ya phone, Ma,” Money ordered.

Lost in his words, Diamond didn’t realize her phone was ringing. Skeptical, she answered.

“Yo, who the fuck is this?” she barked into the receiver.

Money laughed. “Ya future. Don’t miss the Money train.”