Mistakes happen, but are you learning from them?

6 Career Mistakes to Avoid:

When you’ve finally finished college or a training program and you’re ready to jump into your career, there are many mistakes that should be avoided for longevity. Too often, people rush into positions thinking those positions will help their career, but taking those positions really looks bad on your resume and your salary history.

Believe it or not, like regular degular people, recruiters are very judgmental and will toss your resume for the smallest details. Don’t be on the losing end of the stick, using the excuse: I DIDN’T KNOW!

1. Settling for less. With the lack of Americans returning to work because of low pay, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice by jumping into action for lower than average salaries. Fields like criminal justice, social services and education are some of the lowest paid fields, despite the fact these are front line workers who either risk their life, overworked and not valued. Before choosing a major in these, make sure you understand that you’ll never receive the pay that you’re worth.

2. Lack of networking. Nowadays, it is who you know that’ll give you an advantage over other applicants. Learn the power of networking within the industry that you’re looking to work in. Using LinkedIn and Facebook groups is a sure fire way to network amongst those who make the final decision.

3. Over working. Stop applying to jobs that over work and under pay. You can’t be the best you if you’re always under pressure, if your job can’t keep employees due to high turnaround and if you’re wearing more hats than your position stated.

4. No longer learning. The moment you STOP investing in your growth is the moment you become complacent in your current position and salary. You cannot elevate if you refuse to learn more. At each job you apply for, you should seek to learn about all the positions that interest you, but you need more training on. Ask your employer to cross train you so when you’re ready to upgrade in the company, you already have the education and experience.

5. Repetitive Mistakes. Learn from the first mistake and grow from it. If you consistently find yourself making mistakes, seek guidance to learn more.

6. Missing deadlines. Your career will come with many deadlines, but if you’re great at time management, you shouldn’t miss them. Practice pre-planning your week in advance to give yourself enough free time to make every deadline regardless of what’s going on around you.

Mistakes happen daily. If you’re not growing from them, that is a problem. You become an anchor for a business - meaning you will hold down their progression if you can’t keep up.

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