It's GO time!

I am getting more and more excited as we near the halfway mark of the Branding challenge and get ready for the 10 day Business plan challenge.

Business owners do not realize how many sales they miss because they failed to brand. Branding is the only thing to keep the business bringing income. Without a consistent brand image and message, the business is forgotten - simply placed in a last place position.

That's where constant branding comes in - even while you are asleep offline, your business should still be thought of and supported so when you wake up, there are unfulfilled sales.

I can remember when I had my bookstore - I do not remember branding that much in the community before I opened. In fact, I was so busy on the block and making sure that was in line that I failed to connect with community leaders to inform them of a black owned bookstore coming into the area. I was busy boosting about opening my store before any person who hated on me that I forgot that in order for the store to grow, I needed to align with a brand campaign and a better location to grow.

I realized it too late; so much so that I closed it and tucked my tail between my legs. In that time that I closed the business, I jumped in some trainings and it has been up from there. My second attempt at a business was different - I branded my butt off and it all paid off.

All I ask is that business owners give up 4 weeks and enroll in Building Business Bosses. After going through 4 weeks of fire to the bum, each business owner will come out feeling more confident than they were before the class.

But if you do not invest in your business and your growth, you will be fighting a never winning battle.

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