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Common Mistakes that New Authors Make Series

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

When someone decides to become an author, there are several things that happen that'll ruin your reputation.

Sometimes you don’t know what to do or what not to do, and you’re signing contracts to publishers without reading the fine print, asking enough questions or doing research with the current authors on the team as well as authors who exited the team.

Aspiring authors are choosing publishers based on what they see on social media without going to look further into their reputation and if they’re still actively writing books.

Here are some common mistakes New authors make that ruin their reputation:

1. Not hiring a dedicated editor to edit their work

2. Not hiring a dedicated cover designer or dedicated beta and ARC readers to review their work before and after publishing

3. Too verbose, too detailed and unable to pull plot and characters together

4. Unable to create impressive and highly sought after book titles and synopsis’s

5. Do not build their online and offline community before presenting their work

6. Do not attend book fairs and trade shows for brand Awareness and Is not active in their local or online communities of writers and authors

7. Do not know the difference in writing tenses and do not know the difference between active and passive voice while writing.

8. Do not have a marketing plan or ISBNs/barcodes to mark their books

9. Has not hired a manager and publicist to speak for them and Unaware of all ebook platforms other than Amazon

10. Unable to write in different genress

These common mistakes become costly to most authors. While every bullet point isn’t needed, more than 3/4 of this list are required because your reputation and sales depends on it.

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