6 Mistakes To NOT make in the interview

Classic Interview Mistakes

Job seeking can be the pits!

Even more so, receiving a call back AND being scheduled for an interview.

The ball is in your court.


It’s currently a jobseekers market. With the amount of open positions available, you’re one step closer to the job of your dreams AND the salary you deserve.

Only if… you don’t make these crucial mistakes:

1. Not researching the company. As a recruiter, one of the important questions you’ll need asked is “what do you know about this company?” Be familiar with the following:

✔️The job description

✔️Company Mission, Vision, and Values

✔️Recent Press

✔️Awards, recognition, accolades

✔️Challenges – what are some known challenges for this company?

2. Speaking poorly about past employers and positions. While it’s understandable that you’ve had some bad experiences in previous positions, it’s never OK to speak on those experiences. You’ll seem like you’re going to do the same when you leave this new position and you’ll seem as if you didn’t invest in that opportunity to your utmost.

3. Leaving question marks about your history and previous experience. Each response should accompany an example. When we ask questions like “Tell us about a time you had a conflict with someone else at work”, recruiters are looking for an answer that depicts a resolved conflict, not an egregious or aggressive encounter.

4. Be on time and be prepared. Tardiness doesn’t provide an example that you will take the position serious. And it won’t allow for you to be prepared enough to interview well. First impressions last. If you’re unable to be on time, make sure you’ve communicated it beforehand.

5. Informing recruiters that the position is a stepping stone for your future. Be honest about your commitment. Companies spend money, time and resources for each candidate they bring on. If you seem like a flight risk, you will pose a threat to employers.

6. Not selling yourself and your skills. You’re the best representation of who you are and how your skills will add to the current team. Sell them with pride. Don’t undersell because it’ll cost the interview.

Now, that we’ve settled that, get in there and smash every interview you receive.

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