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Building Business Bosses

The destination for small business owners and entrepreneurs who seek to earn 6 figures in their business. Download free resources below!

How to Start a Business

Click below to download the FREE Startup Business Checklist

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Business Credit Roadmap

Download the FREE Business Credit Roadmap

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Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is the journey potential customers go through on the way to purchase. Click below to download Sales Funnel Master List.


Client Testimonials

Rongela, owner of Debauchery, LLC 

"This bootcamp has been very informative. I like the level of realness that Coach Erica brings to the table. The daily lessons are not overwhelming, but they are loaded with information. Our Zoom meetings are loaded with information . This is stuff that Google does not tell you. If you’re looking for the right information to grow your business look no further. Bosses only, no exceptions.”

Vanessa Phinesse

“Since being in the Boss bootcamp I have been pushed in areas  and forced to rethink how I currently work my cleaning business. It has also made me see my weaknesses too. Coach is a big help and holds you accountable. She is a big help which is what I need, so if you're wanting and need someone that will push you then she is right one."

Michael Holland

"My experience in the building business bosses bootcamp has been great so far. The program is filled with information on running a successful business. I’ve definitely gotten a lot more done in this program in one week than I have on my own for months."
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