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WynnE a.k.a Chyna T is no stranger to the writing industry. She’s been a published and self-published author since 2015 and began writing in grade school. Since she became an author, she has penned fiction and self-help books. 

Big Small Business Guide

Starting a business can be challenging, but with the Big Small Business Guide, you'll have everything you need to brainstorm, plan and execute. This planner covers everything from obtaining your virtual business address to planning your social media and email marketing campaign. The planner delves into for profit businesses as well as non profits. Don't waste another minute asking someone else and expecting an answer. Stop falling out with your family and friends because they won't help you. Use this guide to plan your greatness.


The Healing & Accomplishing Planner

After reading and listening to people’s biggest New Years Resolution, I found these consistently:


✅ losing weight

✅ healing

✅ saving and budgeting

✅ becoming a better person


So I took those usual resolutions and invited them all in this ACCOMPLISHED planner. By the time you’ve completed next year, you’re going to feel even more accomplished than before. Now it’s time to plan those vacations after you save those needed funds. Or maybe you just plan to get married next year but in order to pull your soulmate’s energy, you want to heal everything that happened before their time. I get it! I did it. I planned it. I manifested it. I received it. Now it’s your turn!

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Date to Relate Guide

Some celebrate being single while others are ready to mingle...with purpose. In the Date to Relate Guide, you'll go on a journey of uncovering, discovering and reaffirming. The guide starts with reminding you of the extraordinary person you are. You'll discuss the relationship examples you've seen in your life, create your dating vision board, determine if you'd prefer roster dating or traditional dating, then begin your dating game. Only you determine the outcome based on your intentions and expectations. Are you ready to date with a purpose or heal relationship PTSD so you can enjoy dating? Use this guide for your greatness.


31 Days to Healing Activity Journal

Packed with 31 days of activities and writing prompts to clear that old clutter so you can welcome your breakthrough. We’re touching topics like love language, manifestation, passion road map, effective communication, celebration of loss, starting a business, identifying strengths and so much more.


This journal will heal everything that you lost in 2020 and will surely get you ready to take on whatever 2021 has to offer. Instead of 21 Days of healing in volume 1, you’ll be healing, growing, manifesting, grieving an important death, building your small business, determining what career you love, understanding the power of friendship and what type of friend you are, learning your love language, AND dislodging that block that’s been holding you back all these years FOR 4 straight weeks. You should start when you're truly ready, but once you start, don't stop until it's complete. Drink water, manifest through meditation and avoid negative people and situations while you're in healing.


She Wants me But I Want You

Venus Killings lived a life full of love and respect; however, she wanted a better job and higher salary so she relocated to Orlando, FL to start a new book of life that included old characters and plots she knew nothing about. When she learned that her boyfriend was cheating on her, she planned her revenge the best way she knew, and she wasn’t taking any shortcuts to the pain she delivered. Will Venus become caught up in her own trap or will she create a new path for a happiness she didn’t even know existed?


Her Man, My Sneaky Link (release: 6/20/23)

Eria wants what she wants and doesn’t care about the toes she steps on to get it. She centers her life around her needs but soon realizes she needs love and craves becoming a mom. When she pops up pregnant and infected with an STD, she doesn’t know which man did what or which man to choose.

Hungry for happiness by any means, will Eria get what she desires, or will the toes she stepped on step in and mess up her happily ever after?

Who said turning forty would be this messy, yet exciting?

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